Outdoor Boogie

Jewels and Johnny Nation

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Outdoor Boogie

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Well alright! No need for a billboard on the Sunset Strip, just get this new music on whatever device you choose to enjoy your music on and get ready to dance, laugh, smile, and cry your way through this 10 song release from Jewels and Johnny Nation. "OUTDOOR BOOGIE" features a little bit of country, a little bit of bluegrass, a little bit of blues, and a whole lot of good old rock & roll. Let this collection of songs take you on a trip to the misty shores of magical Mendocino, the neon lit streets of Nashville, the dusty canyons of Southern California and the snaking trans-peninsular highway to the tip of Baja Sur, Mexico.

Good stuff takes time and this album was recorded in Topanga Canyon over a 2 year period during which J&J were continually refining the material and shaping the arrangements in their live shows. "OUTDOOR BOOGIE" was produced with Fulton Dingley, whose fine tuned ear was developed working with legendary producer Bob Ezrin (Alice Cooper) and ground breaking multi-platinum British band Kula Shaker, one of Johnny's all time favorite bands. Upon finding out that Dingley had engineered "Peasants, Pigs, & Astronauts", J&J leapt at the chance to work with him. Some of his producing credits also include Susan James and The High Llamas.

Rock and roll people need to express themselves in various ways - writing songs, touring and playing live for the people - but nothing is more important than capturing the magic in the recording studio and creating something to be enjoyed forever. Jewels and Johnny present this collection of beautifully captured unique performances with their trademark humor and honesty.

Having a variety of influences and understanding what has come before is key to creating exciting new music - J & J channel the sound of Sun Records and Sam Phillips on "Winter Rose" and "Highway 27", get inspired by the psychedelic 60s and 70s with "Harrison Hit The Haight" and the make-you-shake-your-booty title track "Outdoor Boogie" and bring you right up to date with the timeless, radio friendly country rock of "Another Honky Tonk Song" and the moving ballads "Dan The Man" and the deeply personal "Skye". They had the opportunity to make a beautifully shot music video for "Skye" while touring in Baja. Check it out on their website and YouTube channel.

Guest musicians Devitt Feeley (mandolin), Doug Alani (flute) and John Bird (keyboards) take the musicianship to whole whole new level. Magical, mystical drummer Robert Dill keeps it all together as he juggles drumsticks and .....juggling.

Jewels and Johnny combine these influences and collaborations and create something totally new and fresh with "OUTDOOR BOOGIE" - a record that has something to add to the ongoing rock & roll conversation. "OUTDOOR BOOGIE" presents 2 interesting voices and personalities, 2 individuals with stories to tell, feelings to share, and musical talent to burn. So kick off your shoes and boogie down with Jewels and Johnny Nation and "OUTDOOR BOOGIE"

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