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A rondeau for "Outdoor Boogie"

Just came across this groovy review of our album "Outdoor Boogie" written in the form of a classic rondeau style poem. How cool is that!? Thank you, Sonic Dada! 

Rondeau for the Nations

Jewels and Johnny across the nation,

in the sky like a constellation.

The quiet Beatle is in their song;

inspired thusly they can’t go wrong.

Tripping out from station to station,

their sound is rich in good vibration,

resplendent as a meditation.

In your record collection belong

Jewels and Johnny.

Tuning in to a generation,

they seek a shining integration

that will catch you up before too long,

and reel you in with a love that’s strong.

Come join them on this sound migration:

Jewels and Johnny Nation 





The European reviews of "OUTDOOR BOOGIE" are coming in! Many thanks to Google Translate:
"4 out of 5 stars - Ultra cool, on the title track they throw all kinds of influences together: Ohio Express, Status Quo, and Chuck Berry" - Alt Country NETHERLANDS 
"4 out of 5 stars! Unexpectedly good" - IKON Magazine, SWEDEN
"A tight, energetic team. Country and bluegrass roots leapfrog West Coast, plus some potent blues and rock 'n' roll.  - Keys & Chords, BELGIUM 
"This is country rock played with enthusiasm and a smile" - Lonesome Highway, IRELAND 
"Varied and fresh, and as always, witty" - Country Jukebox, GERMANY 
" A winning mixture with beautiful flavors of rock & roll from Sun Records and The Beatles in Hamburg to psychedelia" - La Cri Du Coyote, FRANCE


Thank you, Alt Country Netherlands! 
4 out of 5 stars

The couple Jewels & Johnny Nation made ​​some records as City Fritter, but they have said goodbye to that band name. Listening to "Outdoor Boogie" the alt-country and folk rock influence is clear, and a dip in the history of rock music is taken. Mr. and Mrs. Nation sing about the summer of love on "When Harrison Hit The Haight", an ultra cool song about George Harrison in San Francisco. Groovy! Some of the material on the record is also quite pretty. What about a song like "Two Lane To Paradise"? Ultra cool with that baritone guitar, and simple but effective drums and organ. In the title track they throw all kinds of influences together: Ohio Express, Status Quo, and Chuck Berry to land somewhere in the vicinity of a band like The Morells. For Jewels & Johnny it's a matter of "Blues In The Morning "and 'rock' n 'roll in the evening. "Another Honky Tonk Song" is not what it is: "This is not another honky tonk song / No this one is my own / It's California grown," they sing. It is an account of a trip to Nashville. The flute on Skye comes as a wonderful surprise. 

Many thanks to Danny McCloskey and The Alternate Root for putting us "ON THE RADAR":

Jewels and Johnny Nation serve up a rock’n’roll rhythm for the title track to their most recent release, Outdoor Boogie. The pair sing a tribute to Northern California coastal communities that are happily hiding in the fog that keeps out the haters of outside activities. Jewels and Johnny check out of the house on a rare rainy San Francisco day on Franklin Street, steering their ride once again on a north coast rode heading out on “Highway 27”. They take their place in the gringo caravan rumbling down along on “Two Lanes to Paradise” and stay closer to home to hand a late 60’s counter culture history lesson where they tell the tale of when “Harrison Hit the Haight”, The Beatle just missing the magic of its origins yet in time to watch the flowers die. Outdoor Boogie visits road houses as it travels to Nashville singing “Another Honky Tonk Song”, strongly suggest a healthy dose of “Blues in the Morning” to cast off the lonely before it gets its day legs and stares in the rearview mirror knowing the image “If We'd Have Met When We Were Young” would not have made life as happy as it is in the now. 

JULY, 2014
So excited to have been the featured artist on The Local Music Showcase in Joshua Tree on Z107.7,
DJ Pat Michaels played several tracks from "OUTDOOR BOOGIE" and we played live in studio,
creating an exclusive demo track of a brand new song, "DESERT KISSES".
You can hear the podcast of the JULY 27th show HERE!

AUG, 2013
Many thanks to Michael "Mongrel" Fisher for the sweet write up on his blog about our show at 
La Esquina's Farmers market! Here's a link to his  blog:MONGREL 4 U
Full text below:
"We went to the Farmers Market at La Esquina this morning. Gail bought a pair of yoga pants, I got a calendar of lucha libre stars. We had a huge breakfast sandwich each that will last us through lunch (we’ll be snacking on leftovers on the way to Cabo). While we were eating and/or shopping we enjoyed once more the vocal stylings of Jewels and Johnny Nation. We first saw them at Cafelix a few nights ago. They have a fantastic inventory of pop, classic rock, rhythm and blues,and old standards, with a healthy portion of original material, some of it quite memorable and catchy.Low key electric guitar accompaniment by Senor Nation, pleasing harmonies and the engaging front woman, Jewels, make this a way above average cabaret act. Check them out starting at 7PM tonight at La Garra as part of a local music festival with lots of other community favorites.I suspect Jewels has a lot more in her vocal tank and could really rock in the right venue."


Interview on Park City TV Jan.'11