The cover art for our  CD "OUTDOOR BOOGIE" evolved from Johnny's love of the work of counter culture cartoonist, R. Crumb.  He envisioned us in a drawing that could have been clipped from a Zap comic book circa 1972, illustrating the story of the song             "Outdoor Boogie" - a wild Mendocino rock & roll party.
 Check out the book "Mendocino in the 70s" for photos of the actual events 

The universe led us to Michael "Mongrel" Fisher,  a friend and fan we met at La Esquina Cafe in Todos Santos, our Baja home. His work is reminiscent of Crumb's, but with a whimsy and sense of color and shape all its own. We are so grateful he wanted to take on the project, and that he enjoyed himself so much doing it! Below are his preliminary drawings. 
Check out more of his work HERE